I know we have been talking a lot about autumn…fall weather, fall planting, fall maintenance and fall sales. Today I wanted to bring up something light and springlike as we all set our sites on our spring landscaping plans! Have you ever wondered how to attract more butterflies to your yard? I have, and it turns out it isn’t as hard as one might think!

Attracting Butterflies With Blooms

First of all, butterflies are attracted to bright colors. When you choose your favorite flowers to plant, keep this in mind. Pass on the white and gravitate toward bright reds, pinks, yellows, oranges and purples! Mid-size flowers are best with open petals. The aroma is incredibly important as well. Butterflies love sweet and fruitful fragrances. You can even add some fresh fruit to your garden as you are waiting for your plants to bloom. It can be helpful to decompose some fruit peels in your soil or garden areas.

A Few More Tips

  • Don’t overshoot it: A well curated garden is a good way to go, but you can also throw wildflower seeds in a bed and watch it flourish! If that scares you, you can also add wildflower seeds to a well placed planter to keep them contained.
  • Go organic or natural: Be very careful of what you spray on your plants and especially your flowers. Butterflies and bees can sense chemicals and will stay far away from something that smells toxic to them.
  • They need to eat and drink: There are feeders of various kinds you can place in your yard or patio area. Another easy idea is to allow water to pool for them to drink from. They enjoy the minerals from sloppy mud and a bird bath is the perfect useful and beautiful addition to your garden area.
  • Sometimes they need to hide: Let a log sit as it decays or plant some tall grasses. You can also let a patch of your yard naturalize and grow thick for ground nesting bees and butterflies.

You can get all of the supplies you need at Artman’s for keeping your yard butterfly friendly. Thank you for shopping local and making us your one stop landscape shop and garden center!


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