Looking for mulch? We carry just about anything you need to get your yard straight for the spring and summer season. A few of those things are mulch, dirt, compost and stones. These are available for pickup in bulk or we are happy to deliver them for you. One of the questions asked most often is what color mulch we have in stock. Today we will show you the available colors and we hope to see you soon!

looking for mulch
Cedar mulch is a nice standard mulch that will allow your plants or flowers to be the star of the show. This is one of my favorite choices for a nice kept-up look without drawing the eye away from all of your other goodies!

Brown mulch
Looking for mulch? Brown mulch is a great addition to your yard and is a standard look, especially when you have lots of lush green shrubs. This one is easy on the eyes. If you can’t decide which color to go with, this standard brown mulch is a great choice!
Black mulch is a true statement. This dark and pigmented color creates a bold base for any of your plants, trees or beds. A nice thick layer of this black mulch is a great setting for just about anything.

Yes, There Is Even More To Choose From…

Golden mulch is one of my favorites! It gives a spring-like brightness to your yard and looks beautiful with bright pink or yellow blooms.
red mulch
Red mulch looks awesome – especially with lighter colored brick houses. It is one of my favorite classic looks. My husband and I recently argued about whether to buy red or black mulch. Come in to Artman’s to see your choices in person!
Last but not least, we have you standard hardwood mulch. If you can’t choose a color, you can always fall back on this catchall!

Looking For Mulch?

We have you covered at Artman’s! We offer pickup, delivery or even full installation. Check out our selection of mulch, hardscapes, plants, trees, supplied and more. This is going to be a great season!

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