This gorgeous foliage on sale at Artman’s and we are excited to share it with you! Golden Vicary is the perfect shrub to plant to create a gorgeous privacy hedge. It is also the perfect foliage to fill in any of your pathways, around a patio, porch or deck or in between other perennials in a display.

Golden Vicary On Sale – 20% OFF

This is while supplies last, so come scope out what is left in our nursery this weekend. Regularly $27.99…we also have some other specials and deals going. These include discounts on potted trees, hybrid roses and garden decor.

Some Facts On This Gorgeous, Leafy Shrub

  • These produce gorgeous and vibrant golden leaves to brighten any part of your yard
  • Some types of this shrub are brighter than others…so it will add either a rich golden hue or something more yellow and sunny
  • Does well in full sun…partial shade is okay too, but the color of the leaves may suffer
  • Will produce white, fragrant flower blooms, however the buds are often pruned off to maintain a certain shape to your hedge
  • These shrubs are hardy and grow quickly
  • The foliage can take on a vibrant purple and red color in the fall…a truly rich color to enjoy
  • These can grow 4-6 feet tall, which is what makes them ideal for a privacy hedge
Golden Vicary

Stop Into Artman’s This Weekend!

Golden Vicary is just one of many reasons to stop into Artman’s this weekend. We have much to see and explore, as well as several sales for you to enjoy. Skip the big box store and shop local to support your community! There is always something more for you at Artman’s Nursery, Landscaping and Garden Center. And don’t forget, that we love your questions! Bring us your questions, gardening concerns and conundrums and we will help you find a solution. Our Master Gardener’s are knowledgeable and can advise you on all of your outdoor plans!

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