Watering your lawn may be a big part of your summer depending on the rainfall. This year, we have gotten quite a bit of rain and my water bill reflects that blessing from the sky! In other years I have spent a TON of money watering my lawn. Here are some tips for watering your lawn so that your investment does not go to waste. Bring on the lush green lawn of Michigan summers!

Purchase And Install A RainBird Sprinkler System For Watering

After all, we are a landscaping company. Read on for some good tips for watering with a traditional hose and sprinkler. But, first things first, come in to our store and let us show you the amazing RainBird sprinklers we have. We can guide you through the process of choosing what you need and we also offer full installation. We are also a certified with RainBird and offer service and genuine replacement parts to keep your system working for years to come. Now on to traditional hose and sprinkler watering…

Choose A Sprinkler That Fits The Shape Of Your Yard

Just like most things, sprinklers comes in all shapes and sizes. Some have a circular pattern and others have a rectangular pattern. Much of this information is on the package. Most of these have a control lever of some sort to control the pattern and size of the spray. Sometimes you can control it with the water pressure as well.

Set A Timer When You Are Watering

It isn’t necessary to soak your yard in the same spots over and over for hours. Not only is it an inefficient way to get results, but it can be very expensive. Chances are, it may also violate certain watering provisions in your city, county or state. Set a timer on your oven or your cell phone for 30 minutes if you need to move the sprinkler around to different areas of your yard. Or you can just set a 45 minute timer if your sprinkler covers your lawn.

Observe Watering Patterns

If you see puddle forming in certain places or portions of the walk or your driveway getting soaked, move your sprinkler. There is no need for water to “pool” or fall in these places. Turn your water down or change your settings and pattern to water what actually needs to be watered.

Hand Water In The Shade

If your yard is pretty shade, consider watering by hand with a sprayer nozzle instead of setting out a sprinkler. When it comes to shady areas, your lawn often competes with deep tree roots. This requires less watering overall. My yard is completely shaded at the house I live in now. My husband gives the grass a drink by hand on weeks it doesn’t rain and he waters where the tree roots are two times per week. That seems to keep the grass pretty green!

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