This is one of my LEAST favorite jobs. If I am totally honest, I just ignore it and leave it to my husband…much to his dismay. I don’t like the physical tax of the crouching down and rooting around, and frankly, it just seems so tedious. I would rather be doing anything else. Well, enough of my complaining. Today I am going to go over some tips for weeding your yard or garden and I hope to inspire you (and maybe even myself) in the process!

No. 1 – Plant Your Perennials and Shrubs Close Together – Weeding

When you plant your perennials and shrubs with ample space in between, you provide the perfect opportunity for weeds to take over. By creating close clusters of plants and shrubs, you direct the nutrients of the soil to the things you want to grow. The plants and shrubs also cover more of the ground space which does not allow sun to reach your weeds so easily.

No. 2 – Don’t Disturb If You Don’t Have To

Weeds are usually pretty shallow and only grow in the top couple inches of soil. However, that doesn’t mean their seeds aren’t waiting underneath to reach the sunlight. Remove weeds that show above the soil and do your best not to dig up or disturb more than you have to. This can keep those seeds dormant underneath…never to see the light!

No. 3 – Mulch, Mulch + More Mulch – Weeding

After you put the work into weeding, it is time to MULCH. Mulch will preserve and extend the life of all of your hard work. Weeds can come back quite quickly and mulch keeps them away from the sun and water that makes them grow.

No. 4 – Don’t Water Weeds

This may seem like a no-brainer, but I felt it was important to point out. If you are watering with a sprinkler system or hose sprinkler, the water is hitting and rejuvenating your weeds at the same rate it is hitting your plants. If you have a weed problem, focus on watering your plants and shrubs by hand and closely to the roots of that plant.

No. 5 – Catch Them Early – Weeding

As it is with almost any mess, weed early and often! Don’t wait for it to get out of control before you start. Depending on your yard, you may even want to pencil in one day each week that you designate toward weeding. It may not be fun, but it sure does make a difference!

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