School has started and there are only 13 more days until fall is here. Summer is winding down and the sun is rising a little later. When I leave in the morning there is an autumn-like crispness to the air that has me skipping over my iced coffee or latte and once again craving something hot and comforting. Ahhhhhhh…my favorite season is nearly upon us. To kick us off, here are some fun fall landscaping ideas for your yard!

Ornamental Kales, Cabbages + Succulents – Fun Fall Landscaping

You can’t walk through a Target or home store without being overloaded with deep green and purple succulents everywhere! Drawing on this as inspiration you can build containers of lettuces, cabbages and kale (or other hearty greens) to keep things looking GREEN as opposed to brown throughout the fall.

Make Your Patio Cozy – Fun Fall Landscaping Ideas

That photo below makes me want to spend time outdoors! Adding some blankets to your furniture or some lanterns to your desk can go a long way in adding warmth (both visually and actually haha!) to your space. I usually add some outdoor pillows to my Adirondack chairs and this year I am choosing rich jewel tones. Which brings me to my last idea…

Jump On The Jewel Tone Trend

There is nothing I am loving more than the richness of emerald green and royal blue. You can use this for fabric (like my pillows!) or you can choose fall mum plants or even containers for other plants or flowers. Textured garden decor like wavy glass, garden rocks or reclaimed wood art make an eclectic outdoor space feel like home. You can find all these things at your one stop landscape shot and garden center…Artman’s!

Although we have talked about some fun fall landscaping ideas, don’t forget your maintenance. Great summer lawns are prepped for in the fall. That’s boring now, but will reap the benefits in 6-8 months. Schedule in a family yard maintenance day right now to make sure you get it done!

fun fall landscaping ideas
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