Flowers are the thing I love the most about my yard. I am lucky to have a yard that has history. Think heirloom hydrangeas and 40 year old peonies. The people that owned our home before us cared much more about the outside than the inside. Which has left me to redo an 80 year old bathroom and kitchen, however, I do have the best blooms around! Each time some of my blooms and flowers die off, something else blooms, which means I get arrangements in my house from spring all the way until fall. LOVE! So, how do I extend the life of these bouquets and make them last as long as possible? Here you go…

What DOES Work For Me – Extend The Life Of Your Flowers

I always give my stems a healthy trim and continue to do so every couple of days. Think of it as “clearing the throat” for a stem. In addition, I also always cut the stem at an angle.

Put your blooms in cool tap water. It should feel colder than your skins temperature, but not cold. Just a mildly cool drink is best and I change the water every 3 days when I trim the stems.

Trim the foliage or leaves below the water line of your vase. No need to promote bacteria or debris in your water!

What DOES NOT Work For Me

I do NOT put my blooms in a fridge. If you go to Kroger, you may see flowers being kept fresh in a cooler, however that cooler is an open air cooler. It is likely warmer than your house fridge and it does not promote moisture or condensation. Condensation will ruin your blooms.

Do NOT put your flowers in direct sunlight. I know it may seems weird, but flowers are unlike most houseplants that thrive with some sunshine. Keep them in a lit room with moderate temperatures and avoid too much of anything…cold, heat, sun etc.

Last but not least, do NOT keep your gorgeous bouquets neat your fruit bowl. I know it sounds silly, but off gassing from your ripening fruit will deteriorate your blooms more quickly and promote mold.

Extend The Life
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