The nursery here at Artman’s is impressive…we carry a large selection of trees, flowers and plants to meet your needs and complete all of your outdoor projects! Whether you are looking for flowering trees, deciduous shrubs, ground cover or fruit trees, we have you covered.


We have a gorgeous selection of perennials, roses and evergreens to keep your yard blossoming for years to come. These include bee balm, columbine, coneflowers and asters. Many choose a selection of perennials and annuals…this allows you to have a lasting look with the opportunity to update your color scheme each spring.

Artman’s Nursery has hanging flowering baskets full of lush colors and ready to adorn your porch or patio. Visit our nursery to improve and redo your outdoor space or to purchase the perfect basket or tree as a gift for a loved one. If you like change and love gardening, we have a beautiful selection of annuals in every color you can imagine to plant. This includes marigolds and petunias bursting in bright pinks, coral, yellow, and blue. Our store contains all of the supplies to make your outdoor  gardening or planting project a success.

We pride ourselves on carrying the absolute best plants and flowers, including those from Monrovia, Green Leaf and Proven Winner. Monrovia is certified by the Food Alliance for its sustainable agriculture and management practices. They offer some of the strongest plants in the industry for Artman’s to offer you. Proven Winners are also clearly superior, covered in blooms, and some are all-season bloomers. These are three examples of the amazing plants and flowers offered at Artman’s Nursery & Landscaping to offer you above average quality at an incredibly competitive price!

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