Outdoor Living

Outdoor living spaces are ideally created similarly to designing an indoor space such as a living room or dining room. You start by taking into consideration the vibe and layout most suitable to you. You have to envision floors, ceilings, doors and walls. As you envision this space, you can then come to terms with exactly what you are looking for.

What will you be using this space for? What ambiance do you like? Are there intrusive neighbors to consider or would running water or a fountain add to the tranquility of your space? The professionals at Artman’s Nursery & Landscaping are experienced in planning out and designing these unique and innovative spaces whether it means opening up an area or using nature to create privacy.

You may need solid panels of brick or stone or even multiple retaining walls. Do you have a multi-level structure of wood or stone? Do you need overhead shade from the sun such as a trellis?

Have you thought about the peaceful setting of a pond with Koi or other fish? We also specialize in fountains and have many bird baths to choose from. Masserellis fine stone garden accents, including statues, can put the finishing touch on a space reflective of your interests, your family and your personal style.

Solar LED garden lights are a great solution to your exterior lighting needs and we also have options for low-voltage lighting. We offer fountain lights and special spotlights. Your outdoor living space is a true and useful extension of your home. It can offer you convenience, extra space and the perfect spot for that cold iced tea or to enjoy that glass of wine or Sunday morning coffee.

Our professional team of designers specializes in creating outdoor spaces and using a vast array of materials available at Artman’s. This includes pavers, natural stone, boulders, fire pits and even fountains. Aim for the best high-quality product and installation services at an extremely competitive price!

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